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An Administrator Reflects on The Science of Reading and the Right to Read Inquiry Report

Our programming of years past was not enough to reach the unique learning needs of all students, which had a lasting impact on their learning throughout their educational journey.  

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Your Culturally Responsive Classroom: A Socially Shared Approach

How can we ensure that school is responsive, supportive, and nurturing for all students, even if they do not experience that connecting first interaction?

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A New Teacher Reflects on The Science of Reading and the Right to Read Inquiry Report

All teachers, no matter what stage of their career they are at, should feel confident teaching students through research and evidence-based practices.  

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Primary Teachers Reflect on The Science of Reading and the Right to Read Inquiry Report

The progress of students was slow at first, but now we see that our students have developed the tools they need to become independent decoders and readers.

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Webinar Recording: Answering your Questions about Evidence-based Early Literacy Practices

During this live presentation, Emily Moorhead will provide case studies to answer audience questions about evidence-based early literacy practices.

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Personal Reflections about our Circles of Support, to Guide you in Building Yours

Gail Brant-Terry, of the Upper Canada District School Board shares their ‘Circles of Support’ visual graphic to help guide relationships and provide Indigenous students, non-Indigenous students, educators, and families the to best possible support.

Webinar Recording: Evidence-based Early Literacy Practices to Support Every Learner

This webinar will discuss the essential components of Early Literacy Instruction: oral language, vocabulary, phoneme awareness, and alphabetic knowledge.

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Evidence-Based Assessment in the Science of Reading

Rigorous, systematic, and explicit instruction of reading must go hand-in-hand with a comprehensive reading assessment system to allow educators to adjust instruction to meet the specific needs of students.

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The Science of Reading Part 2: Developing Reading Skills

In this episode, Stacey Rickman explains the importance of targeted practice, scope and sequence, regular assessment and how these can be used to move educators from the current reactive intervention approach to literacy instruction to a model of prevention, where all students are taught the skills that result in proficient reading.

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  • Road to Reading Infographic

Using the “Road to Reading Infographic” to Guide Assessment of and Intervention for Foundational Literacy Skills

The Road to Reading infographic was designed to provide an easy-to-follow visual overview of the developmental sequence in which foundational literacy skills are acquired in students.

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