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This interactive webinar assisted participants in understanding the relationship between stress and coping strategies in adolescents with learning disabilities (LDs). In order to become familiar with these concepts, a framework on stress and coping strategies was first presented. Then, the presenter discussed how the framework applies to stress and coping strategies for adolescents with LDs. The webinar concluded with an activity using case studies to help educators identify practical and effective interventions for students with LDs who are experiencing stress and who require functional coping strategies.

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About the speaker: 

Photo of Dr. CameronDr. Cameron Montgomery, a Professor in the Faculty of Education, at the University of Ottawa, teaches courses on teaching and learning; his fields of interests include attention deficit disorder, stress and coping strategies, cognitive psychology, coping strategies, and minorities and education.

Dr. Montgomery received both a doctorate and Masters degree in Educational Psychology from Laval University; his doctoral thesis was on the relationship between student teachers' stress and social problem solving. Dr. Montgomery tries to understand how stress influences student teachers; more specifically, Dr. Montgomery attempts to explain the link between stress, coping and burnout. He has published numerous articles in both national and international journals on the subject of stress. Additionally, he completed a research project on the link between student teachers' stress, coping and burnout funded by SSHRC.