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Webinar Recording – Destreaming & LDs: Why and how to include ALL your students

Academic streaming has led to the disproportionate representation of students from historically and currently marginalized groups in lowerstream programming, leading to poorer outcomes. When streaming is removed students of varying abilities will be in the same class, so differentiation is key.

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Using Multi-Tiered Systems of Support and Co-Teaching to Better Respond to Learner Diversity

Co-teaching is recommended to better serve diverse groups of students, including those with special needs. This collaborative work enables informed decision-making regarding each of the components of MTSS.

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Creating Inclusive Classrooms

Creating inclusive classrooms can be hard work. It takes commitment to the guidelines of inclusion and a willingness to critically examine our beliefs, assumptions, and practices.

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Fostering Student Self-Advocacy for Students with Diverse Learning Needs in Online Learning

By: Adrianna Arsenault & Dr. Jess Whitley Creating a safe, inclusive and caring learning community is an important part of addressing students’ diverse needs. In an inclusive classroom, all students feel welcome and valued, see themselves in their environment, and have their learning needs met. However, online learning presents unique opportunities and challenges for teachers [...]

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How can educators support students with LDs while hybrid learning?

Although the hybrid model can make aspects of learning difficult for students with LDs there are ways to ensure students are consistently supported and accommodated during online and in-person learning. 

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Staying Connected to Students with LDs while Learning Remotely: Testimonials and concrete examples

Stephanie Dionne has collected advice from teachers on how educators can stay connected with students who have learning disabilities (LDs) while learning remotely.

Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

The LD@school team has developed a toolkit for educators to use during Learning Disabilities Awareness Month (#LDmonth) to help spread awareness in your school and classroom. You may choose to use one or all of the resources, share with your colleagues, students, parents or your community.

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LEARNING MODULE: Secondary School Part 2: Teaching Techniques and Student Skills

This module is intended to provide educators across all subjects with the necessary teaching tools to support their students with LDs to gain the skills and knowledge required for success in secondary school, and beyond.

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Seen, Understood, Accepted, and Celebrated: Using Broader Lenses to Assess Online Engagement in Learners of All Ages

Consider this: you might actually be missing a lot of the student engagement that your hard work and dedication have created. Teachers need to learn how to recognize and fully appreciate the wide range of engagement that is already occurring in classrooms and in online spaces.

Webinar Recording: In Love With Learning… Online! Ten Keys to delight, persistence, and attention in an online space 

Let's get back to basics! In this calm and grounding presentation, we’ll refresh key research on engagement and motivation, provide our straightforward Ten Keys tool for tweaking your online lessons, and create space for participants to use the keys to start unlocking a frustrating previous experience.

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