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Executive function is an umbrella term covering a number of management functions, including organization, self-regulation, planning, and self-monitoring. The presentation focused on research-based instructional strategies and accommodations that contribute to the classroom success of students with executive function LDs. During the webinar, the speakers defined executive function, and identified the signs of executive functioning needs and their impact on academic and behavioural success.  The presentation also highlighted the brain areas associated with executive function, the developmental progression of executive functioning, and how the environment can influence the development of the regulatory system in the brain, including how executive functioning skills are employed during times of stress.

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About the speakers:

Dr. Christine Purcell, Ph.D., C.Psych.  

Dr. Christine Purcell is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist, specializing in learning disorders and developmental disorders at the Regional Children Centre. Dr. Purcell has worked for the school board Greater Essex County School Board since 2012. Her clinical interests included self-regulation and social emotional learning in young children.

Dr. Marc Crundwell, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Dr. Marc Crundwell is a licensed School and Clinical Psychologist, working in both the elementary and secondary panels providing assessment of students, consultation with school staff and parents, assisting in the development of Behaviour and Safety Plans, as well as in Threat Risk Assessments. 

Jennifer Newton, Educational Coordinator

Jennifer Newton has worked for the GECDSB in various settings and roles including self-contained classrooms, Learning Disability Classrooms, Learning Support Teacher and has been a Special Education Coordinator for the past 15 years.  She has taught Special Education, Part 1 at Queen’s University and has been a presenter at multiple PD Sessions at both the elementary and secondary levels.