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Presented by Keirsten Pugh, OCT, LEARNstyle Ltd.

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Math is often seen as a subject which has little compatibility with our digital age, and is best completed using pen and page. The main barrier is the lack of an efficient way to input mathematical nomenclature, which leads many teachers and students to take a more antiquated approach, creating a massive accessibility gap. Current cloud technology can be employed to fill this gap creating a more equitable and accessible math learning environment in modern day classrooms. The main focus of this webinar recording is to introduce the Google Add-on g(Math) and explain its functions within Google docs and forms, while discussing multiple uses for these apps in the classroom.

During this webinar, the presenter explored how to leverage g(Math) and other Assistive Technology to: have math read out loud, create simple and advanced math expressions, use voice recognition to speak math terms, create a statistical display for linear expressions, and input math terminology through a digital handwriting interface. In addition to this, the webinar also looked at ways to create and use digital manipulatives for students, allowing them to show and share their thinking process while working through different math problems.

Picture of Keirsten PughKeirsten’s passion for education started at a young age which led her to pursue an OCT designation. Technology is a passion of Keirsten’s, which drew her to LEARNstyle, the largest education technology training company in Ontario based out of Toronto. With LEARNstyle Keirsten began as a Field Technology Consultant where she had the opportunity to design and implement personalised plans to integrate Assistive Technology and learning strategies supporting the learners with LDs. Keirsten loves sharing and collaborating with others to continuously stretch her practices.