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The Integra Program by the Child Development Institute is the only accredited children’s mental health agency in Canada to specialize in providing mental health services exclusively to children, youth and families with learning disabilities.  LDMH: A Handbook on Learning Disabilities and Mental Health is a resource developed by Integra Program staff as part of their Community Education & Engagement (CEE) Program. Specifically, the CEE program was developed to promote a community-wide understanding of the mental health needs of children and adolescents who have learning disabilities.

The Handbook provides information on the following interrelated areas:

  • An introduction to learning disabilities (LDs)
  • The relationship between learning disabilities and mental health (LDMH)
  • LDs reflecting challenges with executive functioning, phonological processing, language processing, memory, visual-spatial and visual-motor processing, and processing speed; also included are supports and strategies that may be helpful

The Handbook also includes a comprehensive resources section, comprised of suggested books, videos, research articles, and websites, for families and for schools.

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