What is LD@school?

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LD@school is a project of the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario (LDAO). It includes this website as well as the Educators' Institute. LD@school is dedicated to providing Ontario educators with information, resources and research related to teaching students with learning disabilities (LDs).

The LD@school website features resources and professional development materials in a variety of formats, which highlight evidence-based, evidence-informed and practice-informed approaches, practices and strategies that can be put directly to use in the classroom.

Why LD@school?

Students with LDs make up the largest group within special education, at approximately 40% of students identified as exceptional by an IPRC [i]. With the right supports, these students CAN learn, and can achieve great success at school and beyond.

With support from the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Special Education/Success For All Branch, LD@school provides Ontario educators with meaningful information to support students with LDs.

About LDAO

If you would like more information about the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario, please click here to access the LDAO website.

Local chapters of the LDAO exist in many of Ontario’s cities, and each offers services centred around education and advocacy for people of all ages. Click here to locate your local LDA chapter and learn what they offer.


[i] Ministry of Education of Ontario. (2016). Ministry of Education Special Education Update. Retrieved from http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/general/elemsec/speced/special_ed_update.html

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