Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be notified when new resources are posted on the website?

Sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter, where we share all our new and updated resources. Click here to sign up for our newsletter.

I would like to link to the LD@school website. How do I get permission?

You do not require permission to link to the LD@school website. We are happy to share our resources so they can reach educators all across Ontario.

What is the difference between evidence-based, evidence-informed, and practice-informed?

Evidence-based articles describe practices, approaches or strategies that provide strong evidence of effectiveness for students with LDs.

Evidence-informed articles describe practices, approaches or strategies, of which one or more component is clearly supported by research as being effective for students with LDs.

Practice-informed articles describe strategies and approaches that have proven effective through practice. These articles feature best practices that educators deem beneficial to their students with LDs in the classroom.

Where can I access resources for my students?

The LD@school website primarily serves the needs of Ontario educators. Some of our resources may be beneficial to share with students, such as the Success Stories, which feature different students with LDs and their school experiences.

Additionally, the LD@school team is continually working to improve our educator resources by creating printable handouts that can be used in the classroom. Some such resources include infographics, classroom posters, lesson plans, graphic organizers, and more. We encourage you to continue accessing our resources to view the latest printable handouts. Please do not hesitate to email us at if you would like to suggest a resource that would be beneficial to your practice.

Webinar FAQ

How much does it cost to attend a webinar?

All the webinars hosted by LD@school are offered for FREE! If you would like to be informed of upcoming webinars, please click here to sign-up for our webinar subscriber list.

I have registered but I cannot attend the live webinar, what should I do?

If you are unable to attend the live webinar, please do not cancel your registration. When you register for a webinar you are also added to our webinar mailing list. This means that you will receive an email containing all of the presentation slides the day after the live webinar. About 3 weeks after the webinar, another email will be sent, informing you that the webinar recording has been posted on our website. Once the video is posted, it will be accessible to everyone and you can watch at your convenience.

Will I receive the webinar slides and materials?

Yes! The day after the live webinar, all registrants will receive an email, which includes a copy of the PowerPoint slides and any additional materials provided in the live webinar.

Can I re-watch the webinar?

We record all webinars and post the recordings online once the video has been transcribed and closed-captioned. This typically takes three weeks. Once the recording is uploaded onto the LD@school website, we will send an email to all webinar participants with a link to the recording.

Can I share the webinar recording with others?

All of our webinar recordings are available publicly and at no cost. Webinar recordings can easily be shared by email and on social media.

How can I get in contact with a webinar presenter?

If a presenter has not provided their contact information during the live webinar or in the slides, please contact and we will communicate with the presenter for you.

Do you issue certificates of attendance?

A: During the live webinars we do not monitor attendance and are unable to confirm whether a registrant was in attendance at the time of the webinar. For this reason, we do not issue certificates of attendance.


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