Become a Collaborator

Do you know of a specific strategy, practice or approach that has worked well in supporting the needs of students with learning disabilities at school?

At LD@school we know that our best resources for providing supports to educators come from educators themselves! We are always looking for collaborators from Ontario school boards to write articles, participate in videos, present webinars, or develop learning modules.

Volunteer Opportunities

At the beginning of each academic year, the LD@school team seeks volunteers to join the LD@school/TA@l'école Advisory Committee, which supports the planning and implementation of the LD@school and TA@l'école projects. The Advisory Committee meets a few times a year in the Greater Toronto Area or via teleconference, to provide expertise and share knowledge in the area of instructing and assessing students with LDs.

Educators, school leaders, and paraprofessionals from across Ontario are encouraged to join. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Susanna Miller for more information. Click here to send Susanna an email.