Welcome to this LD@school online learning module for educators!

This module is intended to provide an introduction to the new demands and expectations that are placed on students when they begin secondary school and prepare educators to support students with LDs while they navigate their way through secondary school.

The menu on the left-hand side of this screen displays the outline of this module, which should take approximately 45 - 60 minutes to complete. To begin the module, you will complete a self-assessment to gauge your current knowledge of this topic. Then, the body of the module will provide you with information, strategies, and resources to help you support your students. To conclude, you will complete a final self-assessment to consolidate your learning.

Learning goals

  • Understand what new demands and expectations are placed on students when they enter secondary school,
  • Understand what practices and policies are already in place to support secondary school students with LDs; and
  • Identify the areas in which more can be done to support students with LDs to reach their goals both in secondary school and beyond.
  • Upon completion, it is our hope that you will apply what you learn in this module to your daily practice to help support the needs of students with LDs, while they navigate through secondary school.

Thank you to our collaborator!

This online learning module was developed in collaboration with Jenessa Dworet, Department Head and Special Education Assistant Curriculum Leader at York Mills Collegiate Institute, Toronto District School Board. The LD@school team would like to sincerely thank Jenessa Dworet for her invaluable contribution!