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The Integra Program, a program of the Child Development Institute, is a children’s mental health agency in Toronto, providing mental health services to children and youth with learning disabilities (LDs) and mental health issues. The Integra Program, jointly with the TCDSB Psychology Department, produced a 25-minute video, “Lessons Learned: Personal Stories of Learning Disabilities, Resilience and Mental Health”. The Student Support Leadership Initiative (Toronto Region) provided funding for this joint project.

Dr. Marjory Phillips, Clinical Psychologist and Director, Integra Program introduces the video and Dr. Maria Kokai, Chief Psychologist for the Toronto Catholic District Board, provides an overview on LDs. The video poignantly captures the voices and experiences of students with LDs and mental health issues, along with their families and educators. After viewing the video, educators and administrators will have a deeper understanding of the challenges and complexities associated with having LDs and mental health issues. This video would be appropriate to share with students at the secondary and post-secondary levels.