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Parents of children with learning disabilities (LDs) know that math can present some of the greatest hurdles in their academic careers, yet building math skills is necessary for succeeding in everyday life. We use math for cooking, shopping, playing games, sports and so much more. Math is everywhere and parents play an important role in supporting children’s math learning. This video explains how LDs can affect math learning, offers suggestions for collaborating with your child’s school, and includes resources to support your child in building math skills at home.

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This resource was made possible through a Parents Reaching Out Grant from the Ministry of Education.

Relevant Resources:

Understanding Learning Disabilities: How Processing Affects Mathematics Learning, by the York Region District School Board. Click here to access the resource.

A Teacher’s Journey with Student Self-Advocacy – A Strategy for Parents, by Julia Osborne, Special Education Resource Teacher, York Region DSB. Click here to read the article.