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Parents' past experiences with their child’s teachers may impact the way they deal with you as their child’s current teacher. What may be perceived as a “difficult parent”, might in fact be a parent who has had to deal with a number of setbacks and frustrations while trying to navigate the special educational system on their child’s behalf.

In this podcast, Kelli Cote shares her story about navigating the educational system, both as a parent of a child with LDs and as an educator who has worked with many families of students with LDs. She explains the importance of cultivating empathy and caring in educators who work with students with LDs so that they approach parent-teacher relationships with care and sensitivity.

Hosted by: Lawrence Barns, President & CEO of the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario

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Note: You may listen to this podcast on the LD@school website, or you may download it to your portable audio player and listen on the go.


Kelli Cote has been an educator with the York Region District School Board for over 20 years. She has taught primary, junior and intermediate students and has a passion for special education. She is currently a Student Services Coordinator for the schools in Newmarket. Kelli is a board member for the Learning Disabilities Association in York Region, a member of the LD Steering Committee for the York Region District School Board, and a member LD@school’s Advisory Committee. Kelli is also the mother of two amazing boys, one of whom has a learning disability.