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LEARNING MODULE: Helping Students with LDs Navigate Secondary School

This module is intended to provide an introduction to the new demands and expectations that are placed on students when they begin secondary school and prepare educators to support students with LDs while they navigate their way through secondary school.

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LEARNING MODULE: Fostering Advocacy for Students with LDs

This module is intended to provide an introduction to advocacy for students with learning disabilities (LDs). This module will present the ways in which advocacy can help students with LDs to succeed in their education and will provide guidance, strategies and tools for educators to help support the development of self-advocacy skills in their students. Although all students with LDs can take steps to becoming self-advocates, the strategies outlined in this module are most appropriate for students at the junior, intermediate, and senior levels.

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Why is it Important to Build and Support Resiliency Skills for Students with LDs?

Resiliency is a key skill for everyone, not just for students with learning disabilities (LDs). The ability to overcome adversity, manage setbacks, and be adaptable to the new or difficult situations one is faced with, are central to success for everyone. It is even more essential that students with LDs develop resiliency.

Learning Disabilities Awareness Month Posters

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month (#LDmonth)! We’ve designed two posters that that you can download and print to use in your school or classroom, share with students, parents, and your community. Thumbnails of the posters can be viewed below with downloadable links available directly below each poster.               [...]

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The Elephant in the Classroom

by Elisa Blasi, Learning Disabilities Association of York Region Ambassador Elisa's Story Have you ever heard the term “the elephant in the room”? It is often used when there is an obvious issue or problem that everyone can see, yet, in order to avoid an uncomfortable situation, is sidestepped. For most of my life, I [...]

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Behind Enemy Lines: How THAT Student Became a Vice Principal

In this podcast, Michael Karras will frankly share with you his struggles and successes as a student, linked in part to his learning disability (LD) and ADHD, but also due to the type of teaching he received.

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VIDEO: Building self-advocates: a key to student success

Click here to view the transcript of this video. This video discusses the importance of helping students, especially those with LDs, become strong self-advocates. In order for students to successfully speak on their own behalf and advocate for their learning, they must first understand their own strengths, to develop confidence and a sense of identity. [...]

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What does a student need to know about learning disabilities in order to be a self-advocate?

In order to be a self-advocate, students who have learning disabilities (LDs) need to first understand how their LDs affect their learning. When students are diagnosed with LDs, parents, teachers, special education teachers and child psychologists may not always explain to the student how their LDs affect their learning and students are left in the dark.

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Success Story: Danya

Who says that students with learning disabilities (LD) cannot pursue a postsecondary education? Meet Danya and her story of perseverance, humility, and collaboration. Danya and her mother, Carol-Ann van Rassel, explained how, with the support of the school team and the family, a student with an LD or other challenges can succeed at school, at work, and in life generally.

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Success Story: Aaron Bailey

Aaron Bailey is a 25 year-old man who is diagnosed with: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) combination type, a learning disability in mathematics, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and depression; additionally, Aaron struggles with reading and writing. Aaron graduated from the Child and Youth Worker (CWY) program at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, following which he attended Griffith University in Australia and completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services. Currently, Aaron works as the Project Consultant for the ASD Transitions Project at the Regional Assessment and Resource Centre (RARC), at Queen’s University. Aaron shares his experiences…

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