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Webinar Description:

Many students with learning disabilities also struggle in their social-emotional development. How can educators and professionals support the development and social-emotional skills of children with learning disabilities? This webinar provided an overview of the complex interactions between learning disabilities and the development of social-emotional challenges in students. It also attempted to answer this question by providing information about common social-emotional challenges that are experienced by students, and strategies and tools to connect these ideas into a practical plan for student support.

horizontal line tealAbout the Speaker:

Colin King_photoDr. Colin King is a Psychologist and the Acting Coordinator of Psychological Services in the Thames Valley District School Board. He is actively involved in various initiatives within special education and in providing assessment, counseling, and consultation services. Dr. King has trained and worked in a variety of community, hospital, and mental health settings with children and adolescents experiencing learning, behavioual, and social-emotional difficulties. He serves as an adjunct professor of Psychology at Western University and is engaged in graduate student training and supervision.