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How to Make Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) A Priority in Your Math Classes

Committing to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) can be done through small, simple actions that can make your math classroom a safe space for your students, including those who have learning disabilities (LDs)

Toward an Equitable Classroom: Using Assistive Technology to Remove Barriers to Learning for Students with Learning Disabilities

Assistive technology typically does not close gaps in learning, and on its own can be discriminatory and a barrier to learning. A balanced and well-monitored approach to the use of AT is the most equitable solution for supporting students with LDs.

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The impact of anti-Black Racism on the Mental Health of Black students

The impacts of anti-Black racism on the mental health of Black students include (but aren’t limited to) under-diagnosis, misdiagnosis, denial of service, lack of culturally relevant services, and race-related stress exacerbating or creating mental health problems or illnesses

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Supporting Mentally Healthy Conversations About Anti-Black Racism with Students

When done in a thoughtful, informed and intentional way, engaging students in discussions about anti-Black racism acknowledges and addresses systemic racial injustice.

Listen, Believe, & Act: Support for students who have been disproportionately impacted in schools

Whether facilitating a discussion or responding to a situation that perpetuates racism or marginalization, it can be helpful to remember to Listen, Believe, & Act.

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Creating Inclusive Classrooms

Creating inclusive classrooms can be hard work. It takes commitment to the guidelines of inclusion and a willingness to critically examine our beliefs, assumptions, and practices.

Inclusive and Equitable Teaching Practices

Research clearly shows that adopting inclusive and equitable teaching practices is a winning strategy for all students, particularly for immigrant and marginalized students, because it can make the difference between school success or failure.

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Strategies for Building Your Inclusive Classroom – From Beliefs to Strategies

Use the strategies included in this article to help create inclusive classrooms that are spaces where ALL students feel welcomed and valued.

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Fostering Student Self-Advocacy for Students with Diverse Learning Needs in Online Learning

By: Adrianna Arsenault & Dr. Jess Whitley Creating a safe, inclusive and caring learning community is an important part of addressing students’ diverse needs. In an inclusive classroom, all students feel welcome and valued, see themselves in their environment, and have their learning needs met. However, online learning presents unique opportunities and challenges for teachers [...]

Your Culturally Responsive Classroom: A Socially Shared Approach

How can we ensure that school is responsive, supportive, and nurturing for all students, even if they do not experience that connecting first interaction?