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How to Make Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) A Priority in Your Math Classes

Committing to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) can be done through small, simple actions that can make your math classroom a safe space for your students, including those who have learning disabilities (LDs)

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The Dos and Don’ts of Phonics Instruction

This article, adapted from Wiley Blevins (2021), discusses the characteristics of strong phonics instruction and common causes of phonics instructional failure

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Learning to Read and Write Using Decodable Texts

This article will help you understand the role that decodable texts play in developing early reading and encoding skills for students.

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Webinar Recording: Dynamic Vocabulary Instruction in the Classroom

This webinar will show you how to construct dynamic vocabulary routines across grade levels to make sure your students are reading and comprehending texts.

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Using Multi-Tiered Systems of Support and Co-Teaching to Better Respond to Learner Diversity

Co-teaching is recommended to better serve diverse groups of students, including those with special needs. This collaborative work enables informed decision-making regarding each of the components of MTSS.

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The Individual Education Plan: How to Support Parent Involvement for a Bigger Impact

The development of an IEP is an essential process in the continuous progress of students with special education needs. It is important to involve, include and support parents throughout this process in order to ensure that they understand it and are comfortable with the support provided by educators.

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LEARNING MODULE: Promoting the School-Family Relationship: Through the IEP and Beyond

This module presents the ways in which educators and other school board professionals can work with students and families to help students with LDs to succeed in their education and will provide guidance, strategies, and tools to help build strong school-family relationships.

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Toward an Equitable Classroom: Using Assistive Technology to Remove Barriers to Learning for Students with Learning Disabilities

Assistive technology typically does not close gaps in learning, and on its own can be discriminatory and a barrier to learning. A balanced and well-monitored approach to the use of AT is the most equitable solution for supporting students with LDs.

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The impact of anti-Black Racism on the Mental Health of Black students

The impacts of anti-Black racism on the mental health of Black students include (but aren’t limited to) under-diagnosis, misdiagnosis, denial of service, lack of culturally relevant services, and race-related stress exacerbating or creating mental health problems or illnesses

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Supporting Mentally Healthy Conversations About Anti-Black Racism with Students

When done in a thoughtful, informed and intentional way, engaging students in discussions about anti-Black racism acknowledges and addresses systemic racial injustice.