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In 2015, we spoke with Jenessa Dworet, a Department Head of Special Education and Student Success at a High School in the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), and three of her students – A.J., Ava, and Mason on the topic of self-advocacy. At that time, A.J. was in grade 12 and about to graduate high school, Ava was in grade 11, and Mason was in grade 10. Today, A.J. has completed a two-year program at Seneca College for broadcast and television and is attending York University in the fall for film, Ava has completed her first year at York University for criminology, and Mason is graduating high school and attending Sheraton College in September for art.

In this special edition podcast, we’re going to look at what path these students took to get where they are today, what that transition looked like, the hurdles they’ve had to overcome, the successes they’ve had, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Their teacher, Jenessa Dworet, will also comment about the progress these three students have made and how her teaching style has changed since we spoke to her two years ago.

Hosted by: Lawrence Barns, President & CEO of the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario

Click here to view the transcript of this podcast. 

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