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VIDEO: Tory’s Success Story – How Educators Helped Me Succeed

Tory was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia as a child. Watch this video and discover the simple moments of support from caring educators that made all the difference. 

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What is the best advice that educators can pass onto parents and students who are preparing for the transition to post-secondary education?

Research suggests that students with LD transitioning to post-secondary environments often face a variety of academic, social, and emotional challenges as they navigate changes and differences between the secondary and post-secondary settings.

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Webinar Recording: The Road Ahead – The undergraduate learning experience for students with LDs

This webinar will provide insight into the undergraduate learning experience in university settings for students with LDs. Educators attending this webinar will gain an understanding of what the student experience at university might look like for students with LDs and how to help prepare students for a successful transition to post-secondary learning.

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Accessing Support for LDs in University: Student perceptions of support received from the accessibility service office

In order to access support and accommodation in University, students must disclose their disability to the accessibility services office. This article explores how useful students with LDs perceive these supports and accommodations to be to their learning.

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LEARNING MODULE: Helping Students with LDs Navigate Secondary School

This module is intended to provide an introduction to the new demands and expectations that are placed on students when they begin secondary school and prepare educators to support students with LDs while they navigate their way through secondary school.

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What impact will de-streaming applied and academic courses in grade 9 have on students with LDs?

If academic and applied streams are amalgamated, there is a possibility that students who require more support - such as students with LDs  - could fall through the cracks. Educators should be aware of the following potential challenges that may be caused by de-streaming.

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From Secondary School to the Workplace: Preparing Students with Learning Disabilities for Success

Graduating from secondary school is a rewarding and exciting time. For students with LDs making the transition to work, it can also be a time of stress and anxiety. Support from educators can help reduce anxiety and prepare students for success in the workplace.

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VIDEO: Preparing Students with LDs to Transition from Secondary to Post-Secondary

The transition from secondary to post-secondary can be a challenging time for students with learning disabilities (LDs). In order to mitigate this, there are a range of resources and support available both before and after the transition.

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VIDEO: Transitioning Students with LDs from Grade 8 to Grade 9

The transition from grade eight to grade nine is a daunting time for many students. But for students with learning disabilities (LDs), it can be a particularly challenging experience. In the Peel District School Board, Erindale Secondary School and Homelands Senior Public School have created a unique relationship to support the transition of all students, especially students with LDs.

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A Look Back and a Leap Forward: Three Students’ Perspectives on their Post-Secondary Transitions

n this special edition podcast, we’re going to look at what path these students took to get where they are today, what that transition looked like, the hurdles they’ve had to overcome, the successes they’ve had, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Their teacher, Jenessa Dworet, will also comment about the progress these three students have made and how her teaching style has changed since we last spoke to her two years ago.

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