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Learning to read is a vital academic milestone for all students. But for many students with LDs, learning to read is the hardest task they face at school in the primary years. Avon Maitland District School Board's STAR (Students with Technology Achieving Results) team has been working to change teacher practices by encouraging the use of accessible text technology in classrooms. A move that helps level the playing field for students with LDs.

Watch the following video series to learn more about accessible texts, how they can benefit students with LDs who struggle to read, and how to use accessible texts in your classroom and in your school.

Using Accessible Texts: How Accessible Texts Support Students in their Learning

In part one of our video series, the staff and students at Little Falls Public School, explain how the introduction of accessible texts into classrooms has opened up learning opportunities for all students, and particularly for those with LDs.

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Using Accessible Texts: Tools and Resources

In the second part of our video series, we asked the staff and students at Avon Maitland District School Board, to share what tools they use to find and create accessible texts for their classrooms.

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