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This video discusses the importance of helping students, especially those with LDs, become strong self-advocates. In order for students to successfully speak on their own behalf and advocate for their learning, they must first understand their own strengths, to develop confidence and a sense of identity. Students must also know their needs in order to navigate their school careers and advocate for the specific accommodations or modifications that they need.  By providing the right kind of supports and a safe classroom environment, educators can encourage their students to speak up on their own behalf, and take risks in their learning, with the knowledge that it’s OK to be different and to make mistakes.

The video includes interviews with classroom teachers at elementary and secondary levels, a superintendent of special education, and a principal, who discuss a variety of strategies and tools so that students can learn what works best for them and have the confidence to ask for help, when they need it. Additionally, a number of students, of various ages, share their perspectives on strategies for self-advocacy and what has worked for them in the past.


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