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Presented by: Dr. Sue Ball, ABSNP, C. Psych., Chief Psychologist, York Region DSB Presented by: Dr. Sue Ball, ABSNP, C. Psych., Chief Psychologist, York Region DSB

About the Webinar:
What we do matters. Research shows us that when we focus on mattering and belonging, we improve academics, resiliency and well-being for all students, including students with learning disabilities. When we embed the core principles of positive mental health, well-being, connection, mattering and resilience in every day practice, through a whole school approach, which extends to parents/guardians and the community to create resilient communities:

  • We provide students with opportunities to develop specific skills that will foster their social and emotional competence, happiness, and well-being.
  • We nurture strengths, build self-advocacy skills and help our students understanding their unique learning profile, strengths, needs, interests and lived experiences.
  • We create safe and inclusive classrooms and schools that support positive mental health and well-being for all, where all students and staff feel they belong and matter.
  • We create positive caring environments and relationships with students so that they feel connected, heard, valued, supported, and nurtured.
  • In these classrooms, schools and communities, everybody matters, everybody counts, and every interaction becomes an opportunity to promote well-being.

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Understand why it is important to focus on mattering and belonging at school
  • Have practical ideas for promoting mattering and belonging at school and at home
  • Learn 10 ways to build resilience, including how to support students with learning disabilities