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This webinar will be adapted from a keynote address delivered at the LD@school Educators’ Institute in 2023.

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supporting teachers resiliency

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June 25, 2024 - 3:45-4:45 EDT

Presented by:

Dr. Rebecca Pillai Riddell, C.Psych., FCAHS

About the webinar:

Educators have been on the frontline throughout the pandemic, dealing with the exponential effects of stress in children, parents, colleagues, and themselves. Ironically, stress is a good thing for building resilience. However, the pandemic has absolutely proven the age-old saying that too much of a good thing is bad! While many products and services aim to reduce and manage stress, without cognitive and behavioural tools to build everyday resilience, these products are unlikely to succeed.
Join Dr. Pillai Riddell in an engaging introduction to some quick, evidence-based hacks that can help educators cope with stress and build resiliency.

About the presenter:

dr. riddellDr. Pillai Riddell is a registered clinical psychologist, licensed to work with children and adults in clinical and health psychology. She is also the York Research Chair in Pain and Mental Health and Director of the Opportunities to Understand Childhood Hurt (OUCH Lab) in the Department of Psychology at York University. She is the Nominated Principal Investigator for DIVERT Mental Health, a federally funded national health research and clinic training program to improve the mental health system through inclusivity and technology. In recognition of her work, she has been inducted into the Canadian Academy of Health Science and the College of the Royal Society of Canada.

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