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Grade level: Intermediate & Senior

Presenter: Sarah Terreberry, Ph.D., course instructor Brock University

Students with learning disabilities (LDs) are attending higher education settings at increasing rates. As one of the most prevalent types of disabilities among youth, it is estimated that approximately 5% of any given post-secondary student population is impacted by LD (Tsagris & Muirhead, 2012).

This webinar will provide insight into the undergraduate learning experience in university settings for students with LDs. Specifically, this presentation will explore student perspectives of the successes and challenges that students with LDs may experience when choosing to attend higher education. Information from this webinar is based on a recent research project that investigated how the needs of students with LD are currently being met at the postsecondary level in Canada by identifying potential barriers of access to support and accommodation.

Educators attending this webinar will gain an understanding of what the student experience at university might look like for students with LDs; programs, services, and areas of support available to students at the post-secondary level; and tips for secondary school teachers, school administration, and parents on how to help prepare students for a successful transition to post-secondary learning.

About the presenter:

Sarah Terreberry is a course instructor at Brock University in the Department of Teacher Education. Sarah recently completed her Ph.D. (Western University) in the area of Applied Educational Psychology, specializing in the area of learning disabilities. Broader teaching and research interests include educational psychology, models of inclusive/special education, disability/ability, adolescent learning, and learner development.