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What strategies are most effective for students with LDs in math?

Here are a number of principles for working with students who have major difficulties with math.

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How can assistive technology be used in the classroom to support the acquisition of reading skills by students with LDs?

The act of reading draws on many different processes simultaneously. A reader must decode words, know what they mean, understand words when they are strung together in sentences, understand the use of pronouns, make connections between ideas using relationship markers, create mental pictures, make inferences, sum up information, and so forth.

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How do we best identify and support students with LDs who are also English language learners (ELLs)?

When a student with learning disabilities also happens to be an English language learner, the issues surrounding identification and intervention can be quite complex. Careful consideration as to programming is key – this student will continue to require support in English language acquisition as well as receiving appropriate special education intervention and support. The following are generally considered to be key components of a differentiated program for students with LDs who are ELLs:

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How do I support my students with dyslexia when assistive technology isn’t always an option that is provided by my school or school board?

Answered  by Mike Di Donato, OCT and Brian Hayes, OCT Dyslexia is a general term for disabilities that include difficulty in learning to read words, letters, and other symbols; it is a common condition that affects the way the brain processes written and spoken language.  In Ontario, we refer to dyslexia as a learning disability in the [...]

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How can educators help parents to support reading skills acquisition and knowledge retention at home?

Answered  by Nathalie Paquet-Bélanger Learning to read is a crucial part of school learning; often, a positive experience of learning to read helps a child to stay in school later on. Educators who support parents’ efforts at home increase the likelihood that their students will succeed. Here are six tips for teachers who want to [...]

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What are the most important things I need to know about my students with LDs?

Answered by Diane Wagner, BA, Grad. Dip. Child Study, LD@school LD Expert The short answer is that your students with LDs can learn, if they are taught in ways that fit with their profile of strengths and areas of weakness, or ‘needs’. It is as important to know your students’ strengths as it is to [...]