Yellow Zone

Graphic of a continuum of colours (from left to right): dark green, moss green, lime green, yellow, orange, red

The yellow zone reflects stress or distress. Unfortunately, most students with LDs fall into the yellow zone during their school years because of the various stressors that they experience at school. This section of the module will review these stressors, common student responses to stress, and ways in which educators may respond.

To begin, watch this video in which Harry shares his experiences of coping with stressors, as an individual living with LDs. As you work through this section of the module, keep Harry’s story in mind, and see if you can relate the Yellow Zone concepts to his experiences.

Click here to access the transcription of the video.

For more information about the Integra Mindfulness Martial Arts program that Harry mentioned in his video, click here to access the video Supporting the Mental Health and Well-Being of Students with LDs through Integra Mindfulness Martial Arts.