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VIDEO: Lessons Learned: Personal Stories of Learning Disabilities, Resilience and Mental Health

The Integra Program, a program of the Child Development Institute, is a children’s mental health agency in Toronto, providing mental health services to children and youth with learning disabilities (LDs) and mental health issues. The Integra Program, jointly with the TCDSB Psychology Department, produced a 25-minute video, “Lessons Learned: Personal Stories of Learning Disabilities, Resilience and Mental Health”. The Student Support Leadership Initiative (Toronto Region) provided funding for this joint project.

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VIDEO: The Tiered Approach

 This introductory video presents the Tiered Approach and its application by the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board (TBCDSB). This video features interviews with teachers, resource teachers, principals, a special education coordinator and a superintendent of education discussing tier 1, 2 and 3 reading interventions used by the TBCDSB. The programs discussed are: Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS), which is used as a tier 1 intervention, Success by 7, which is used as a tier 2 intervention, and the Empower™ Reading Program, which is used as a tier 3 intervention. We hope this concrete example of the application of the tiered approach by an Ontario school will inspire educators across the province.

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VIDEO: An Introduction to the Psychoeducational Assessment

This video provides an introduction for classroom teachers on demystifying the psychoeducational assessment. It features interviews with psychologists and a psychoeducational consultant. Each participant discusses the many components of the psychoeducational assessment, offers an overview of the process of the psychoeducational assessment, explains what the report entails and discusses the importance of the report to the classroom teacher.

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Direct Instruction of Reading for Elementary-aged Students

This summary presents a short description of the three main evidence-based types of direct instruction synthesized by Rosenshine (2008), some of the reading programs most associated with them and examples of research showing how direct instruction has helped struggling readers improve their reading skills. The research discussed in this summary is focused on elementary reading instruction, with examples presenting ways direct instruction has shown to be effective and inclusive in classrooms by developing the foundational reading skills of all readers. To conclude, some of the main challenges to implementation will be presented as well as a section on where further information can be found.

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York Waterfall Chart: Understanding Learning Disabilities – How Processing Affects Learning

Understanding Learning Disabilities: How Processing Affects Learning, developed by the York Region District School Board, is a comprehensive resource designed for educators working with students with learning disabilities, from kindergarten to grade 12. Referred to as the “waterfall chart”, this resource provides the starting points to think, plan and support programming in response to a student’s assessed areas of strength and/or need.

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Peer-Mediated Learning Approaches

One such approach that has been shown to fit naturally into the ebb and flow of the general education classroom, and for which there is substantial empirical evidence of effectiveness for students with learning disabilities, is that of peer-mediated, or peer-assisted learning methods.

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Empower™ Reading: Taking a Scientific Approach to Reading

Summarized by Cindy Perras, M.Ed., OCT Educational Consultant, LDAO The Learning Disabilities Research Program (LDRP) at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) has worked to better understand the core learning problems of children and adolescents with severe reading disabilities. For over 30 years, the work of LDRP has focused on developing programs and evaluating the [...]

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VIDEO: An Introduction to Learning Disabilities in the Classroom

This introductory video features interviews with a superintendent, a school board psychologist, a school principal, special education resource teachers, the parent of a student with learning disabilities, and students with learning disabilities. Each participant presents a unique perspective relating to how educators can help their students with learning disabilities succeed in the classroom.

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