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Students who have learning disabilities and difficulties in executive functioning skill frequently struggle to keep track of the things they need for schoolwork. For many of these students, explicit teaching of strategies for organization and planning – especially VISUAL strategies – is essential to the learning process. This online professional learning video is a joint venture between the Ottawa Carleton District School Board and the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario’s LD@school Project.

In this video, you will learn the answers to the following questions:

  1. Why should I invest time in teaching organizational skills?
  2. How do I explicitly teach organizational skills to students with learning disabilities?
  3. How can we help students with LDs transfer strategies from one situation to another?

The goal of this video is to show educators how using visual structure and supports can improve organization and planning in our students.

Click here to download a supplementary handout entitled Visual Strategies for Improving Organization and Planning: Match the Picture, Block and Box, Same but Different.

Janet Manhire, Learning Support Consultant/Itinerant Teacher for LD:  Janet is a Learning Support Consultant and Itinerant Teacher for Learning Disabilities with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCSDB), in Ottawa, Ontario, who works with students across the district diagnosed with learning disabilities and language impairments.  Janet has taught in the OCDSB since 1999, and in York Region DSB prior to that and has worked extensively with intermediate aged students.

Michelle MacIsaac, Speech-Language Pathologist, Reg. CASLPO:  Michelle is a Speech-Language Pathologist with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board, in Ottawa, Ontario.  Since 1996, she has worked with clients of all ages, from preschool through geriatrics.  Currently, her interests focus on using technology to improve learning, and developing Social Thinking® and executive functioning skills in school-aged students.