Learning Disabilities in Your Classroom

Learning Disabilities in Your Classroom

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Welcome to TalkLD, LD@school’s first podcast with a panel of experts in the field of learning disabilities (LDs). Panel members include Susan Paterson, a special education teacher at Trillium Demonstration School (a provincial demonstration school for students with LDs), Dr. Todd Cunningham, a clinical psychologist who lectures at OISE/University of Toronto and Julia Osborne, a Special Education Resource Teacher with the York Region DSB. The panel members discuss classroom issues facing students with learning disabilities and the critical role that teachers play in supporting students with LDs.

Additionally, the podcast includes a previously recorded interview between Lawrence and Elisa Blasi, a student at York University and self-advocate, who shares her own classroom experiences, and what she perceived as the stigma, of growing up with a learning disability.

Hosted by Lawrence Barns, President & CEO of the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario

Note: You may listen to this podcast while you are on the LD@school website, or you may download to your portable audio player and listen while you are on the go.
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