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Direct Instruction of Reading for Elementary-aged Students

This summary presents a short description of the three main evidence-based types of direct instruction synthesized by Rosenshine (2008), some of the reading programs most associated with them and examples of research showing how direct instruction has helped struggling readers improve their reading skills. The research discussed in this summary is focused on elementary reading instruction, with examples presenting ways direct instruction has shown to be effective and inclusive in classrooms by developing the foundational reading skills of all readers. To conclude, some of the main challenges to implementation will be presented as well as a section on where further information can be found.

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Empower™ Reading: Taking a Scientific Approach to Reading

Summarized by Cindy Perras, M.Ed., OCT Educational Consultant, LDAO The Learning Disabilities Research Program (LDRP) at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) has worked to better understand the core learning problems of children and adolescents with severe reading disabilities. For over 30 years, the work of LDRP has focused on developing programs and evaluating the [...]